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NUOVO VIDEO: “Randy, I Am The Liquor” by Free Throw

I Free Throw hanno pubblicato il video di “Randy, I Am The Liquor”, brano contenuto nel loro ultimo album Bear Your Mind. Guardalo qui sotto

Ecco come Cory Castro, frontman della band, descrive il video:

”Originally, we had an idea to do a kind of Dazed And Confused-style video. Turns out, it’s pretty hard to try and film a video that takes place in the ‘70s when it’s 2017 and people are driving their newer cars through the shot. So the director, John Komar, suggested to go with a subtle feel and the flashback narrative. The video was shot entirely on 16mm film to give it that classic look.”

I Free Throw apriranno il tour americano dei Trophy Eyes insieme agli Head North. 


NUOVA CANZONE: “Randy, I Am the Liquor” by Free Throw

I Free Throw hanno annunciato che il loro secondo album, Bear Your Mind, sarà pubblicato il 26 maggio da Triple Crown Records. Ascolta qui sotto una nuova canzone intitolata Randy, I Am the Liquor!

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