Basement: la band torna con un nuovo album e la nuova canzone Disconnect

A due anni dal fortunato Promise Everything, e dopo l’inaspettata firma con un gigante come Fueled by Ramen, i Basement sono pronti a farci ascoltare qualcosa di nuovo.

Beside Myself, il nuovo album della band inglese, uscirà il 12 ottobre, e per celebrare quest’annuncio i ragazzi di Ipswich ci regalano anche la prima canzone estratta dal disco, ovvero il singolo Disconnect.

“As soon as I heard the start of ‘Disconnect’ when we were playing around with ideas two summers ago, I felt it had something that made me want to play it again and really try and sing along”, spiega il cantante Andrew Fisher a The Fader.

“While recording we all sort of came to the conclusion that we wanted it to be the first song people heard without really even talking about it. I think that’s because it doesn’t try and be anything other than a straight forward rock song. I think it’s a great first example to show people who don’t know who we are, what this band is all about.”

Guarda qui sotto il video di Disconnect!

Beside Myself è già disponibile in preorder sul sito dei Basement.

Ecco la tracklist e la copertina dell’album!

1. Disconnect
2. Be Here Now
3. Nothing Left
4. Ultraviolet
5. Keepsake
6. Changing Lanes
7. Stigmata
8. New Coast
9. Just a Life
10. Slip Away
11. Reason for Breathing
12. Right Here

U.K. band Basement announce new album, share “Disconnect”



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