The Ghost Inside: Jonathan Vigil ci aggiorna sui propri progressi dopo l’incidente

A due anni e mezzo dal terribile incidente stradale che li ha coinvolti, i The Ghost Inside non sono ancora pronti per tornare sulle scene, ma il frontman Jonathan Vigil ci offre un incoraggiante aggiornamento sulle proprie condizioni.

Vigil aveva subito un’operazione alla caviglia a settembre che gli aveva permesso di fare a meno della carrozzina, ma che allo stesso tempo gli impediva di piegare l’articolazione.

Nel suo lungo post, il cantante ci informa che ora riesce a muoversi con molto meno dolore che in passato, e che il medico ha dato il via libera per iniziare la fisioterapia mirata a imparare di nuovo a camminare.

Nel frattempo il batterista Andrew Tkaczyk, che aveva subito l’amputazione di una gamba, è tornato dietro al suo strumento e ha pubblicato un EP con un side project denominato One Decade.

Ecco qui sotto il post integrale di Jonathan!

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Although I tend to complain about the speed of it, progress is progress. I decided to go through with a (very dreaded) ankle fusion in September. After spending two years in/on wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and canes, I decided that I couldn’t live with the pain anymore. The benefit being a more solid joint with significantly reduced pain. The downside is a complete loss of movement in my ankle. Coming from being fairly active (playing shows, hockey, etc.) it was a very hard reality to accept. In my heart of hearts, I knew things were never gonna be the same again but that didn’t stop me from always wanting to believe otherwise —- You may read that as me being pessimistic but it’s actually the opposite. Things aren’t how they were anymore, they’re just different. It’s the fact that I can get around easier now with less pain. It’s me not having to rely on others to do basic things anymore. It’s me regaining self sufficiency. It’s waking up everyday a little bit better than the day before. It’s beginning to live my life again, not necessarily worse, just different —- And at a time when it felt like it was going to be terrible forever, I progressed. Strides were made. Every day. Some days more than others, some more noteworthy than others but strides nonetheless. Today I progressed. My doctor told me that my boot can come off and I can start physical therapy to learn how to walk again. With no more pending surgeries or hospital stays planned, I can’t help but be happy —- Progress is slow. Progress is tough. Progress is frustrating. But after everything, progress is still progress

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