NUOVO VIDEO: “Tijuana Sunrise” by Goldfinger

I Goldfinger hanno pubblicato il video di Tijuana Sunrise, una delle canzoni presenti su The Knife, l’ultimo disco della band ska californiana uscito a luglio del 2017.

John Feldmann, il frontman della band, ha spiegato il significato che sta dietro alla canzone:

“I was a messed up, disillusioned kid living in San Diego. I was underage and unable to obtain a fake ID, so like many kids with a similar fate, I drank across the border down in Mexico. My life back then was so dark. I would literally black out two to three days every week. I would come to eating a hot dog from a cart on the streets of Tijuana, but God only knows what I was actually eating. There’s so much violence and disease and so many drugs down in Tijuana. My college roommate was kidnapped there and almost forced into being a sex slave. Luckily, he escaped, but his mind was never the same. When I was a 17-year-old kid, I was arrested in Rosarito and thrown in jail with a bunch of older drunk locals. They took all of my money and all of my clothes. They took everything I had on me. Somehow, I was able to get my car back from them and drive home to San Diego. 

My life now is so different. I wanted to show the juxtaposition of my life back then, risking it all, to my life today with my family, my career, my friends and my hobbies. I truly do love my life today in 2018. I only survived back then by seconds and inches. I could have been kidnapped and murdered like so many kids back in the ‘80s in Tijuana. I’M SO GRATEFUL THAT I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY ANYMORE. I LOVE MY LIFE.”

Guarda qui sotto il video di Tijuana Sunrise!



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