Morto suicida George Christie, chitarrista degli Shields

George Christie, chitarrista degli Shields, si è tolto la vita la scorsa notte. Lo ha comunicato la band inglese tramite un messaggio postato su Facebook dal cantante Sam Kubrick.

“George era la persona più sensibile, gentile e generosa che abbia mai conosciuto e mi ritengo fortunato di avere avuto lui come uno dei miei migliori amici, come compagno di band e coinquilino.”

Anche il bassista Lawrence Welling ha voluto rendere omaggio al suo compagno di band tramite un post commemorativo su Instagram.

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*I kindly ask that any media outlet not use this as a statement, as it appears to have been used. Our official statement is on the Shields UK page, thank you* Here's to my friend George ❤️ My stage right brother, the guy who pulled me from the darkness in my own mind countless times whilst on tour and at home, who could take one look at you and know if you were ok or not, the guy who I'd share a smirk with as we stepped on each other's toes whilst rocking out, the guy who cooked kick ass eggs. To do these things for so many people whilst battling his own demons without doubt makes him one of the bravest people I've ever known. He didn't care about being famous or being a rockstar, he cared about precision, quality of work, and the people around him. He wasn't always great with words but he created art that would speak for him and anything left unsaid was always delivered in the love and respect he gave everyone. Im grateful for the opportunity to tour Europe with him so many times and I'm confident he knew we all loved him. I am absolutely heartbroken, I don't want to speak for the others but thanks for all the support in this it means a lot. ❤️

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Gli Shields si erano formati nel 2012 e avevano di recente concluso un tour in supporto agli Escape the Fate nel Regno Unito.



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