Sono ufficialmente tornati i Forever Came Calling

Il mese scorso i Forever Came Calling avevano pubblicato una nuova canzone, Kansas City, dopo un periodo di silenzio. Oggi la band ha annunciato i dettagli della prossima uscita, assieme a un’altra canzone inedita.

Borrowed Cars, questo il titolo del nuovo pezzo, sarà contenuta assieme a Kansas City nel nuovo EP della band in uscita il 23 marzo e intitolato Retro Future. L’EP è già disponibile in preorder sullo store della band.

Ecco le parole del frontman dei Forever Came Calling, Joseph Candelaria:

“It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. When creativity/entertainment is how you identify one’s self-worth it tends to lead to imbalances or rather inconsistencies. Coupling this with severe anxiety and expectation it’s almost impossible to ever feel like I have fulfilled what I set out to do.

The collection of songs known as Retro Future is about embracing what you love and making decisions based on your instincts, Saturn’s return: the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, purging antiquated ideas and most importantly believing in yourself. Retro Future is letting go of how you thought things were going to play out so something brighter and better can take its place. And with that here is the first ‘official’ single, ‘Borrowed Cars.'” (da Alternative Press)

Ascolta qui sotto Borrowed Cars!



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