NUOVO VIDEO: “Lonely Life” by Best Ex

I Best Ex, nome con cui sono ora conosciuti i Candy Hearts, hanno pubblicato il video di Lonely Life, dal loro nuovo EP Ice Cream Anti Social uscito lo scorso luglio per Alcopop! Records.

“When I wrote ‘Lonely Life’ I had been struggling a really long time with the feeling that no matter what, no matter who I was with, no matter how many people loved me, I would really always feel sort of alone. The world is a dreadfully lonely place, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel that in my core every single morning when I wake up.

For me, it’s just one of those things you have to get on with, and that’s what I wrote the song about – getting on with the constant feeling that something is missing. It’s about just accepting that sadness as a sour, not-so-great part of life like living with a laptop that barely works because you can’t afford a new one, or a cracked phone screen because it works just fine even if it’s broken.” — Mariel Loveland, leader della band (da Upset Magazine)

Precedentemente, i Best Ex avevano pubblicato il video di See You Again, diretto da Glenn Harvey dei Moose Blood (che fa anche una comparsata nell’ultimo video).

Guarda qui sotto il video di Lonely Life!

Per gli amici che vivono in UK, i Best Ex saranno nella zona di Londra a inizio novembre per due concerti gratuiti:

02.11 Banquet, Kingston [tickets]
03.11 Four Quarters, London [tickets]


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