NUOVA CANZONE: “My Vow” by Black Veil Brides

Sono passati quattro lunghi anni dall’ultimo album dei Black Veil Brides, il self-titled uscito nel 2014. La band ha finalmente rotto il silenzio rivelando i dettagli del prossimo disco.

Vale, questo il titolo del nuovo album, uscirà il 12 gennaio per Lava Records/Republic Records, ed è preceduto dai singoli The Outsider, già in streaming dall’anno scorso, e My Vow.

Il disco arriva dopo l’album solista del cantante Andy Biersack alias Andy Black, che era uscito a maggio 2016 e aveva generato il singolo di successo We Don’t Have to Dance. Ecco le parole di Biersack a proposito di Vale:

“We cannot wait for the BVB army to hear “Vale” in its entirety! In my opinion this record is the most complete and exciting album we have done to date.

The opportunity to work with John Feldmann once again over the course of the past 2 years creating “Vale” was an incredible experience and I am thrilled with the collection of songs we have put together as a band. The Latin translation of “Vale” is “be well, be strong!” and central to the message of this record. We hope to continue to inspire our fans and friends to embrace their own individuality and inner strength.

The central narrative once again finds “The Wild Ones” characters facing the challenge of moving on from the pain and anguish of their past and looking to a new chapter in their lives. This concept is one that is near to my heart and I believe will resonate with those that find themselves cast on the fringe of society.

From our inception Black Veil Brides have stood up for the outcasts and disenfranchised, with this album as hope to give you hope, fun and most importantly a kick ass rock and roll record.” (da Rocksound)

Ascolta qui sotto My Vow!

Qui sotto la copertina del disco.

black veil brides vale



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