NUOVA CANZONE: “Gram” by The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

Manca sempre meno all’uscita del terzo album dei The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (TWIABP per gli amici). Always Foreign uscirà infatti il 29 settembre per Epitaph Records, con cui la band aveva già pubblicato il precedente disco Harmlessness.

Dall’album abbiamo già avuto occasione di ascoltare due brani: Dillon and Her Son, e Marine Tigers, accolti generalmente con favore da parte dei fan. Il gruppo del Connecticut ci presenta oggi il terzo estratto, Gram, che parla dell’industria farmaceutica americana.

“‘Gram’ explores frustrations we’ve encountered with the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, lack of an accessible government-funded healthcare system, and the deep flaws associated with both elements. […] We believe marijuana helps people and should be a legal and safe choice for those who may benefit from its use, particularly CBD-related applications.

Two of us are from WV, and most of us have lived in places where heroin and opiate addiction have been notoriously destructive to the communities and individuals we love. The companies who make Oxy, Fentanyl, etc. do not care about human dignity. When economies crumble and safety nets are torn apart, the lower class suffers greatly. We wish only the best for those who have passed on in their attempts at self-care and offer our truest love to those who continue to struggle with the stigmas and side effects that come with the use of corporate and non-corporate pharmaceuticals.” — David F. Bello, cantante della band (da Stereogum)

L’album è ancora disponibile in preorder sullo store europeo della band.



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