Knuckle Puck

NUOVA CANZONE: “Gone” by Knuckle Puck

I Knuckle Puck hanno annunciato che il loro secondo album si chiamerà Shapeshifter e uscirà il 13 ottobre per Rise Records. Ascolta qui sotto la nuova canzone Gone!

Nick Casasanto, chitarrista della band, ha descritto le difficoltà incontrate durante la scrittura e la registrazione del disco. La band ha infatti cambiato produttori a lavori già in corso perché le canzoni non facevano giustizia alla band e a quello che il gruppo voleva rappresentare: “Having such a struggle and being so disconnected in the recording process felt wrong. It felt so wrong, and we were all afraid to talk about it. There was some denial when we realized what was unfolding.”


“When you reach early adulthood and start to see your life take shape, it’s also important to shape your identity and break yourself free from anything that might be holding you down. That was a glaring parallel between what was going on with the record and what we were writing about at the time. Although it was tumultuous, I truly think we wouldn’t have written the same record without going through what we did.

I hope the album instills a little bit of hope in people. You look at politics and how fast the world is now, everything the internet is bringing to the world. It’s difficult to form an identity when there’s so much in your face. I hope people realize they should consume the things that really speak to them. Through that, I feel like it’s the most satisfying way to be who you want to be.” — Nick Casasanto

1. Nervous Passenger
2. Twist
3. Double Helix
4. Gone
5. Everyone Lies to Me
6. Stuck in Our Ways
7. Want Me Around
8. Conduit
9. Wait
10. Plastic Brains

Il preorder dell’album è disponibile presso lo store della band.



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