NUOVA CANZONE: “June ” by Tigers Jaw

I Tigers Jaw hanno pubblicato una nuova canzone dal loro prossimo album Spin, in uscita il 19 maggio per Black Cement Records. Ascoltala qui sotto!

““June” was actually the first song that I’ve ever written, and I’ve found that I really enjoy collaborating—taking the bones of what I’m working on and seeing what someone could add to it. For “June,” I knew that I wanted [my friend] Nikki to collaborate with me on lyrics. I wanted her voice and experience of the situation to be present and accurately represented, and she’s also an amazing writer and the person I always go to bounce ideas off. She’s my best friend, the one that knows exactly what I want to say without me even having to say it, so it was a meaningful experience to work on this song together.” — Brianna Collins, voce e tastiere



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