10 Awesome Spanish Pop-Punk bands

Have you ever wondered what the fuck is happening in Spain?
When someone says “Spain” I immediatly think about:
-100 Montaditos;
-David Beckham with his long blonde braided hair in that sweaty white Real Madrid t-shirt back in the days:
– Alejandro Diñero: an exchange student who promised me to come back and take me to BCN with him when we both turned 18 and now we’re 26 and I’m still in Milan, thank you though:

and of course Ska-p. But what about pop-punk?
Here’s a list of spanish bands you should definitely check out and perdoname madre por mi vida loca.

Acid Snot


Acid Snot, from Barcelona, are a classic punk rock line up with intricate melodies and supergood sounds. They sing in english, so you can also understand what they are singing about.


In their facebook bio they say “we’re not the coolest guys in town” but they are in my heart, indeed! And most of you would probably say they’re not pop punk, but this is my list and I cry if I want to. They plan to release a new album this year so keep an eye on them.


Another one from Barcelona. Alfenic is really catchy and totally in the spirit of nowadays’ pop punk scene. They released their new album “Trastorno Animal” last june.


I don’t even like female vocalists, but this one is awesome. It’s a cool melodic hardcore band with rad harmonizations. This is an old video I chose because there are hamburgers on it, but they’re gonna release new music soon.


They have played once near Milan and we wanted to ask them “donde està el queso del govierno?” but we wrote this random review instead. Spoiler: there were hamburgers too.

Dreaming For A Day

They are a duo. They covered Cher’s “Believe”. Total idols.


From Pamplona, they sound like some american classics.


I’m a emo kid, leave me alone…


Well, just listen to the song.


Really good poppy melodies, but with a sound that reminds me of Rufio and that kind of stuff.

Ps: if you want to know some italian bands too then read this one instead


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