TOP 10: Best pop punk Christmas covers

by Martina Pedretti

babbo_Natale_con_la_slittaIt’s December and outside it’s freezing so it means that it’s almost Christmas: the streets shine bright with beautiful lights, we start getting mad to find the perfect gifts for our families and loved ones, everyone’s ready to write their letters to Santa and it’s time to learn all the words to our favourite Christmas songs (and it is probably time for Michael Bublé to get off his cave to donate the world another Christmas covers’ album).
But I’m not here to tell you about Michael Bublé’s covers, I’m here to tell you about pop punk covers. So here we go: 

Ps: it is not my fault if every human on Earth choses to sing White Christmas, Last Christmas and All I Want For Christmas is you.


10) Zebrahead – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Zebreahed are always good and they can make everything special with their alternation of rap and melody.

9) The Maine- Last Christmas

The Maine are amazing but in this case I admit, they’re on this top 10 only because of Sara (number 1 fan) ‘cause this song is a bit flat.


8) Amasic – Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer

These handsome young lads have fringes, a ginger bassist, raindeer hairbands (like the one I broke when I was 8 and I’ve been searching for another one for ages). And they also sound amazing.

7) Panic! At The Disco – White Christmas

Mr. Urie’s voice fits with everything: with panettone, with tortellini with cotechino and with tree shaped gingerbreads.

6) Cartel – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

We really like Cartel and we like them even more because they did an unusual cover and this is the reason they are almost in our top 5.

5) Busted – Last Christmas

Busted are the best thing you want to listen to during the christmas vacation.

4) My Chemical Romance – All I Want For Christmas Is You

When I was in the middle of my teenage rebellion and Mariah Carey’s song was THE song, I used to put this one on instead. ACAB

3) The Summer Set – This Christmas

The Gomez are the most goodlookin brothers of all time

2) Jonas Brothers – Joy To The World/Joyful Kings

No wait, Jonas Brothers are.
(“jonas brothers is not pop punk!” well thi is not the point.)

1) Fall Out Boy – What’s This?

This may not be your tipical Christmas carol but it is about Christmas so it is ok I guess…

0) Jarrod Alonge – 12 Days Of  a Pop Punk Christmas

Merry fuckin’ Christmas pop punk kids!
We all hope you receive that pair of skinny khakis





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